The Goodness of Nature Preserved to Bring You Irreristibly Natural Mango Pulp!

Let us take you on a voyage of 'pulpy' discovery. At Chitale Agro, we employ a wonderful mix; the human touch – to choose the crème de la crème of the fruit produce; with this we combine the unfailing mechanics of technology – to minimize human contact and ensure 100% purity in process and product.

We believe in letting Nature take its own sweet course; the mangoes we acquire are sorted and allowed to ripen naturally so as to maintain the sanctity of its original natural flavour. Upon ripening, these fruits are handpicked, inspected, mechanically washed & rinsed by high-pressure water jets.

At this stage, our experienced staff personally reinspects the fruits to ensure only the best of the lot move to the next stage. This 'Merry-go-Round' as we like to fondly call the chain, signals the last stage of human touch and intervention, post which, the entire process is automated, to ensure 100% hygiene in processing.

The mangoes are then chopped and transferred by the bucket elevators to 3-stage pulping:

DESTONING - Where the seed and the rind are separated, pulping and finally finishing.

DECANTERING -The fruit is then decantered, a process  completed in a unit of Wesfalia, a German company. Here, black specks are separated to retain only high quality pulp.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS - The pulp collected in holding tanks undergoes chemical analysis by the quality control department for approval and certification. This pure pulp then moves to a fully computerized stage, in tube type sterilization (a unit acquired from Asepsystem, Italy).

The sterilization process involves heating the pulp to a pre-determined sterilization temperature and subsequently cooling to ambient temperature. This heating and cooling frees the pulp to microbial flora.

In the final stage of processing, the sterilized pulp is passed through computerized aseptic filler and filled in pressurized aseptic bags of desired quantity, in drums.

The entire Bhilawadi facility is designed, planned, constructed and equipped as per International Standards. The flooring is alkali and acid-resistant, the gutters are covered with SS gratings and the walls covered up to 7 feet with glazed tiles and many other precautions are taken. The culmination of this tight-knit unit is an end product line that's has the best-in-class quality and processing standard – one that gives us immense pride!